What is Modern Jive ?

Modern Jive is easy to learn and there are hundreds of UK venues where you can go and practice your dance skills with thousands of new dance partners!

Gone are the days when you arrived with a dance partner and stuck with them. Nowadays, the whole dance-floor is filled with potential dance partners. And, Ladies, don’t think you have to wait to be asked – the code is – if you wanna dance, you go and ask.

Modern Jive

Class Nights

If you have never done any Modern Jive before, your first taste of it will probably be in a Beginners Class at a Class Night. Just dress casually, turn up at 7.30pm and partner up with someone on the dance floor. We’re on every Wednesday night at Stockport and at Sheffield. ¬£8 for the entire evening.

It’s that simple – no booking required, no searching around for a ‘dance partner’ and absolutely no previous experience required!


Once you have got a few dance moves in your repertoire, you will want to go somewhere to practice or, if you are feeling confident, to show them off. Our freestyle nights are just the place and often include a short fun class to kick off the night. You can find out more about where and when these freestyle take place by looking at Events