Want to dance? Have fun learning? Try Modern Jive!


Modern Jive is a fun, energetic and stylish partner dance,

for almost every style of music – latin, rock, soul and pop !!

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A typical Blitz Jive class night
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    “I heard about Blitz from a friend and I came just for the social thing. The first time I came, everyone was dead friendly. Even though I was on my own, I didn’t feel awkward. I dance every week now”
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    “I started dancing at Blitz 6 years ago after I saw some modern jiving in France. I swapped rugby for dancing. Its a good night out, you meet some great people and it’s all very friendly”
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    “I tried Salsa and couldn’t get into it. Here at Blitz, you can dance to all sorts of music, modern chart stuff as well. And the dancing is fantastic. I love the friendly atmosphere”
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    “I watched the film Dirty Dancing and it made me want to dance. I came to Blitz and it was brilliant on my first night – everyone was so friendly”